Best Action Cameras for Dirt Bike Riding

When selecting an action camera to capture video of your epic dirt biking adventures this year, GoPro offers variety with many models that offer the right technology.

For dirt biking, certain technologies assist with a better end result, including stabilization to create smooth, clear video on bumpy rides. Other enhanced features also create a much better user experience. For example, voice activated recording allows hands-free options, slow motion and extra-wide angle lens are taking video recording to the next level.

If you are looking to capture the awesome footage of moments spent dirt bike riding with friends, family and at races, mounting a GoPro to your helmet, under the visor, is a great way to go. Attaching a mount directly to the helmet requires a process as each helmet is different, with varying curves, and requires a method to secure the mount to hold the GoPro. A low profile mount is a good option as it does not restrict your view, while also maintains the aesthetic appearance of your helmet.


When shopping for the best action camera to capture your upcoming dirt bike excursions, here are a few suggestions:


GoPro Hero 11 Mini Black

The GoPro Hero 11 Mini Black is 13% smaller than the Hero 11 black, offering savings in weight, size, and price. Overall, the Hero 11 Mini is about 4mm thicker and 20 mm smaller in width, but equal in height to the Hero 11. The Mini eliminates all the screens preventing the possibility of cracked screens or lenses for an overall more rugged product. The Mini features a tiny LCD on top of the camera to allow viewing in current viewing mode, but to frame shots you will need to synch with the GoPro Quick App. The GoPro Quick App is also great for editing, watching, and sharing photos and videos.

The GoPro Mini Mount for Hero 11 Mini works great to mount under the visor. The mount tucks neatly under your visor to maintain a true line of sight for your GoPro camera. The GoPro Mini Mount for Hero 11 Mini mount is also low profile. This mount does not restrict your view while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of your helmet and a strong camera mount. The GoPro Mini Mount for Hero 11 Mini can easily removed, and the mount is so small, it is like it isn’t even there. The fit is also a universal fit, which fits especially great for Hero 11 Mini, but also any Camera with the GoPro tab mount. The mount is made from stainless steel hardware, 3D-printed polycarbonate infused filament, and made in the USA.

GoPro Hero 5

The GoPro Hero 5 black is ready to be taken into the most rugged terrain, and even under water, as it is also waterproof to 33’. In addition, the Hero 5 supports 4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120 video, and captures 12MP photos at 30fps.

The ultra-wide angle glass lens and lower resolution creates options for narrower FOV options, including Medium, Narrow, and the new Linear mode (only available in 2.7K and 1080p settings), which corrects lens barrel distortion. With these options, it is possible to select the desired resolution to fit your goals. You can record in UHD 4K resolution, and up to 30fps, or switch to a lower resolution, including1080p and 720p, to higher frame rates, more FOV (Field Of View) options, and electronic stabilization.

The GoPro Hero 5 black also features a 2-inch touch LCD screen display for a great user experience, while also offers a one-button control with hands-free control also possible with the built-in voice control. By speaking simple voice commands, the camera can start / stop video, record, photo burst, along with other features. Integrated image stabilization provides smooth and stable capturing of video for an overall smoother, clearer video by reducing vibration.

For an under visor mount, the mount tucks neatly under your visor and wraps around your GoPro Hero 5 to protect it. The under-visor mount is also low profile, which keeps it from restricting your view and maintains the aesthetic appearance of your helmet and a strong camera mount.

The mount is made from stainless steel hardware, 3D-printed polycarbonate infused filament, and made in the USA.

GoPro Hero 6

A great GoPro for dirt bike riding is the GoPro Hero 6. This is an older edition but still an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend top dollar on a newer GoPro model. For those who really want to create slow-motion videos, you can make full HD 240fps videos in slow-motion. The GoPro Hero 6 comes with a custom chipset that other previous GoPro models did not feature.
With the GoPro Hero 6, you’ll enjoy the GP1 processor that can help you take 4k videos with 60fps, and be able to shoot 2.7k of footage at 120 fps. To create quality, clear video when dirt biking, stabilization is critical. 

The GoPro Hero 6 gives provides adequate stabilization so that you don’t need to worry about your videos or photos becoming blurry. The GoPro Hero 6 is also waterproof up to 33 feet, durable, and has fast Wi-Fi transfer speeds. 

GoPro Hero 7

The GoPro Hero 7 has all the features of the Hero 6, but comes with a few advanced technologies, including HyperSmooth image stabilization, which makes this action camera a better option for dirt biking. The added stabilization technology, along with a solid and secure mount, will ensure that when you head out on the trails, to capture all the epic moments, you’ll get the clearest footage possible. The Hero 7 is also very durable and waterproof, with TimeWarp and SuperPhoto features.

Selecting SuperPhoto calculates the best white balance, ISO levels, sharpness and color to create high dynamic range (HDR) photos without the “overly edited” look. TimeWarp works like hyper lapse for smoother fast movement. The software also allows GoPro LCD screen to flip to portrait mode for working on various angles and getting the right shot. Other cool features are the increased audio options, including RAW sound, wind and Auto, to allow vlogging without an external microphone. The GoPro 7 also includes the self-timer feature, including 15 and 30 second timer options that can be activated with voice control.

GoPro Hero 9

GoPro Hero 9 Black. This is one of the newer GoPro models that offers improved features that make it an overall great option for dirt bike riding. If you’re a dirt bike rider who loves to vlog or prefers a front display, this camera won’t disappoint. The GoPro Hero 9 doesn’t offer as many shooting modes as some of the newer models, but overall, you can still get great quality photos and videos with this action camera.

Some of the features of the Hero 9 include the 5k video, which offers more detail than previous models and makes it a great option for dirt bike riding.

One of the biggest challenges about shooting video while dirt biking is risking that the battery life will run out before you’ve finished recording. The GoPro Hero 9 includes an improved battery life that will give you more time on trails.
To mount the Go Pro 9, consider 3D Moto’s under visor mount that will tuck neatly under your visor and wraps around your GoPro Hero 9 to keep it protected.

The under-visor mount is also low profile, which keeps it from restricting your view and maintains the aesthetic appearance of your helmet and a strong camera mount. The mount is made from stainless steel hardware, 3D-printed polycarbonate infused filament, and made in the USA.

GoPro Hero 10

Last but not least, is GoPro’s Hero 10 Black, which is one of the best action cameras for dirt bike riding due to the HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization, up there with the best in the market, ultra-sharp 5.3K video resolution with double the frame rate, 23MP photos, and improved low-light performance. The GoPro Hero 10 is also incredibly user-friendly, featuring a front-facing screen, to easily switch between settings and preview video footage.

When shooting, you’ll be able to take 5.3k videos with up to 60fps. For slow-motion, GoPro Hero 10 outranks the Hero 6. The Enduro battery is also a smart add-on to give added battery longevity in order to keep up with your plans.


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