Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear for Kids

Motocross is a great sport for the entire family, and provides opportunities for kids to develop important skills. From developing physical fitness, strength, and mental toughness, your child can gain a lot from a dirt bike. If your child has agreed to try their skills, now is the time to get their protective gear and accessories lined up.

Whether they will be riding on the track, trails, or both, protecting the most vulnerable parts of your child’s body with protective gear will help to prevent a serious injury and the possibility of getting turned off to the sport altogether.

The right gear not only protects kids during inevitable spills, but also builds the needed confidence to endure, and helps to keep your own anxiety down. When gear shopping for kids, it can be helpful to include them in the process as they will become more comfortable with each piece of gear and may have fun selecting their favorite looks. They will be a lot more excited about wearing a helmet, gloves, chest protector, and other gear if they get to pick the colors and styles they like. However, it’s important to let them know that safety and function is top priority.

Motocross can get pretty exciting and rough sometimes, so, if you have been conflicted about allowing your child to join the sport, it’s very normal. Like many action sports, motocross does present the possibility of accidents and crashes. According to Dr. Pruzansky of HandSport Surgery Institute, the most common dirt bike injury with kids involve the elbow or wrist.

That said, there are a lot of steps that can be taken to prevent injuries. When it comes to kids protective gear and accessories, you want to select the best options to support their growth as a rider, but also their protection, and help to create an overall great experience. But, when it comes to choosing the right kids dirt bike gear, it may seem daunting. After picking the right dirt bike for your child’s body size and experience level, you will need to invest in gear, including a helmet, body armor, boots, shin guards, gloves, and more.

When it comes to protective gear for kids, you can’t be too careful. It’s important to get the most important gear and allow both you and your young rider to feel better and less stressed. There may be some items that can be passed down from other kids, or riders, although it’s important not to skimp on quality, size, or technology. Manufacturers continue to test and improve technologies that contribute to overall safety.

When getting your kid ready for dirt bike riding, here is a list of gear they will need:

  • Dirt Bike Helmet
  • Dirt Bike Boots
  • Dirt Bike Goggles
  • Dirt Bike Body Armor
  • Jersey
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Guards
  • Knee Guards & Braces

Dirt Bike Helmet for Kids

There is absolutely no question that the right helmet is a necessity for safe dirt bike riding. When it comes to your child’s safety, this is a requirement. First, your child will need to wear the right helmet that not only fits correctly, but has the latest in safety technology and also passes safety testing with a Department of Transportation (DOT), which includes an approved rating so that you can rest assured that your child will be wearing the best head protection available.

Second, to find the right size helmet for your child, follow the manufacturers size guidelines and safety ratings, paying attention to select sizing meant for kids. A youth helmet will be sized specifically for average size ranges, including DOT-approved features. Most kids dirt bike helmets come in a few size options with removable, washable, and moisture-wicking lining and cheek pads for easy washing and fit. The helmets are made for a child’s anatomy to ensure a snug, yet comfortable experience when riding.

Dirt Bike Boots for Kids

Dirt bike boots come in at the top of the safety gear list for kids. Dirt bike boots offer protection for the feet, ankles and calves, especially when off-road, where extra protection is needed from debris, tree branches, and crashes or bar-banging with other riders.

Like a dirt bike helmet, dirt bike boots will take some time to get used to, because of their restrictive nature, but your child will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Due to how dirt bike boots are manufactured, they are meant to fit pretty snug. When trying on for fit, it’s important to find a pair that feels loose enough to not restrict blood flow or feel really uncomfortable due to being too small in size. Following the manufacturers guidelines will ensure your child’s dirt bike boots fit correctly. Several manufacturers design great boot options for kids that are anatomically profiled and ergonomically cut for their frame and off-road wear. Most features will include: abrasion-proof, impact-resistant material, stainless steel heel and toe protection, ankle support, buckle closure systems with high-impact closures, and a quality sole.

Dirt Bike Goggles for Kids

Kids dirt bike goggles are important for eye protection. When it comes to selecting the right goggle, go for protection, comfort, and performance. Most kids dirt bike goggles come with anti-fog, adjustable strap, and performance features. A great goggle should include the UV protective lens, eye protection, and non-slip adjustable strap for proper fit.

When shopping around, you might find some goggles work better than others with your selected helmet. It is helpful to try on with the helmet to ensure a nice snug fit that is also comfortable. Selecting the right goggle is not only important for protecting the eyes from sun, but also from tree branches, debris, and dust on the trails.

Kids Dirt Bike Gear

Pants, Jersey & Gloves – Depending on your personal experience with riding, wearing the gear can take some getting used to. From pants, to jerseys, and gloves, they may feel odd (and uncomfortable) at first, but overall, they’re an important part of protecting your child when riding.

Dirt bike jerseys are important as they are made with lightweight fabrics that provide moisture-wicking to stay dry and as cool as possible. For example: dirt bike pants and jerseys contain moisture-wicking properties that whisk away sweat to help keep riders cooler and more comfortable. On longer rides, warm weather can present conditions for overheating, causing the body to overheat rather quickly.

Body Armor – When it comes to protection, high-quality body armor will greatly reduce the possibility of serious injury in the event of a fall. Body armor is ergonomically-designed to fit a youth’s anatomy and made with performance materials to be flexible, lightweight, and reduce injury upon impact. Some are designed as all-in-one combinations, which covers the neck, chest, back, flank, and shoulder. Other designs cover areas separately. Most body armor are easy to put on and take off, are 3D-designed, ventilated for air flow, and lined with fabrics for comfort. When shopping for body armor, look for sizing adjustments, flexible design, independently tested and proven to reduce neck force and neck injuries.

Neck Braces – When it comes to protection, a neck brace is also essential. A quality neck brace will also be independently tested and proven to reduce neck injury upon force or impact. According to some manufacturers, wearing a neck brace when dirt bike riding provides up to 47% reduction of risk for a serious neck injury. Most braces will be made from a rigid, non-flexible material for the lowest possible neck forces, and if worn separately, fit with the body armor. You will want to shop for fit, but most neck braces come with adjustable rear thoracic strut to fit most body shapes. They are also made from rigid, non-flexible materials to prevent injury.

Elbow Guards for Kids – Made specially for smaller arms, kids elbow guards cover the anatomy that is most prone to injury in the event of impact or a fall. As elbows are the most common dirt bike injury in children, and with 43% of the most common injury involving fractures and dislocations (37.2%) protective gear for the elbows are extremely important (Moatshe, et al., National Journal of Sports Medicine, 2017).

When shopping for elbow guards, it’s important to consider quality, function, and fit. Most elbow guards are made with ventilation zones for air flow, impact-absorbing materials, and adjustable features for a secure fit. When selecting the right pair, it’s important to fit the child’s current size (not buying up one size to allow for growth) to ensure a secure fit and most protection.

Dirt Bike Gloves for Kids – Dirt bike gloves for kids will keep small hands protected if they fall, which is inevitable for a beginner rider. Wearing a good pair of gloves will help prevent their hands from getting banged up, cut or scraped. Gloves also help to prevent blisters from gripping the handlebars

Knee Pads & Guards for Kids

Made to wear under your gear, knee pads, or guards, protect kids knees from getting beat up or injured in the event of a fall. A knee brace differs from a knee guard by reducing the risk and severity of a knee injury, and in some cases, prevents hyperextension, in the event of an accident. As kids get started riding, their knees may be more prone to getting banged up. A good knee pad, or brace, is the first line of defense to help prevent injuries.

Ergonomically designed to fit a child’s anatomy, most knee guards come with adjustable strap closure and quick-release functionality for easy on-and-off wear. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look for fully-vented knee, with a compression-molded liner for the most comfort.


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