Boise Ridge Riders Idaho City 100

The Idaho City 100 is an iconic 2-Day, AMA sanctioned Reliability Enduro (FIM rules) event, held every year in the mountainous forests surrounding Idaho City, Idaho. The Idaho City 100 is a national level event which takes place over difficult terrain.The race is a true Enduro format that will challenge even the most advanced riders.

The race includes a long course and short course. The long course is approximately 100 miles and the short course is between 50 and 60 miles at an altitude of 4,000 to 7,000 feet. The area is mostly decomposed granite, which when dry is very, very slick.


The overall winner of the 2023 event was Josh Knight (@joshknight962 @ridewiththeknights).

Josh Knight has raced all over the US and the world, but considers Idaho City his favorite place to race. Check out his video at the Idaho City 100 Enduro.


Hosted by the Boise Ridge Riders, Idaho City 100 is held on private lands. Throughout the event, participants and spectators must stay on designated routes with a permit capacity rider limit of 300 riders per day.

The race offers two different event options based upon age and displacement. For beginner, youth and mini classes, select option 1 or 2. Option 1 includes: IDC Youth Scramble (1-5 mile loops Saturday only), must be ages 4-16 yrs, and 0cc-150cc, (see the IDC Youth Scramble page for Rules and Classes). Option 2 includes: IDC Short Course (50-60 miles on Sunday only) must be 12yrs old and 98cc or above (see the IDC 100 Rules page in the Class section). Riders can ride both event days, Saturday only, or Sunday only. Scores are posted for each individual day.


Idaho City is located 39 miles NE of Boise, Idaho on state highway 21. It is about an hour drive from Boise off exit 57 on Interstate I-84 to Idaho City. Map of Idaho City. GPS Coordinates for Idaho City: N 43.828513 W 115.832175. The event location is right next to Sinclair Service on Highway 21 in the heart of Idaho City.

The Idaho City 100 is also held on private lands. To determine if the trail or road is open to vehicle travel, it is helpful to consult the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM). MVUM maps for the Idaho City Ranger District are available at event sign-up. Event participants and spectators are asked to stay on designated routes.

If purchasing a 2-day entry, you can select different classes to ride in Saturday and Sunday.

  • The Idaho City 100 is not intended to be for beginning riders.
  • The Idaho City 100 is held under a special use permits from: the USFS Boise National Forest, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho City, Idaho and Boise County, Idaho

If the 2-day event is not sold out the course is maximized and prepared to provide an opportunity for other riders by offering the 1-day option.
The one-day option is not a guarantee. All entries are non-transferable, non-refundable and there are no deferrals. For more information:


According to Boise Ridge Riders (BRR), they strive to encourage, promote, and host events and displays of dirt bike riding for the recreation and enjoyment of members and the general public, and to strive to promote and maintain high standards of ethics and sportsmanship in motorcycle activities.

Additionally, Boise Ridge Riders (BRR) actively participate in ways of caretaking for public lands, by demonstrating “on-the-ground” work of clearing and maintaining trails on public lands. Boise Ridge Riders have maintained the commitment to work with, other motorized groups, and non-motorized groups, including dirt bikes, horses, hikers, and mountain bikers, to share and enjoy public lands.

Boise Ridge Riders also aids in a number of volunteer projects for the US Forest Service, Idaho Department of Lands, Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation and other agencies. They are working with both the US Forest Service and the Idaho Department of Lands to obtain grants for conducting feasibility studies to implement more motorized trails in Idaho.  The BRR has also joined with other organizations such as the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Southern Idaho Desert Racing Organization (SIDRA), Stay on Trails, Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association (TVTMA) and others to preserve the rights of dirt bike riders on public lands. The BRR also donates to a variety of community funds, including the injured rider funds, high school scholarships, trail maintenance projects, the US Team at the ISDE Enduro, promotes the Stay on Trails Program, and also partners with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation to promote responsible use of public lands.


For more information about Idaho City and things to see and do in Idaho City see check out the Idaho City Chamber of Commerce.


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