Chain Slack Guage Instructions

Required Tools: Your favorite chain lube (in aerosol form)

Caution: Use gloves to avoid coming into contact with solvents or chain lube.

  1. Clip the Chain Lube Block around the chain with the index cutout on the chain wear guide (or anywhere you prefer).
  2. Wrap the strap around the swing arm and secure to the tap on the lube block.
  3. Place your bike on a stand (or somewhere you can roll it).
  4. Insert the straw of your aerosol lubricant to the outer hole of the lube block.
  5. Spray the lubricant into the lube block.
  6. While spraying, vigorously rotate the back tire until you have moved the entire length of chain through the lube block.
  7. Remove your bike from the stand and remove the lubrication tool.
  8. Go get dirty!

The slot where the chain is placed. (Image Above)

The adjustable strap. (Image above)

The strap is fastened. Notice the groove on the bottom for the chain guide.

The tool installed in our favorite position. Note: the tool can be installed anywhere it fits.

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