Chain Slack Guage Instructions

Required Tools: None unless you are adjusting the chain.

Caution: Use gloves to avoid coming into contact with solvents or chain lube.

  1. (If installed) Remove any chain guard that is directly in front of the front sprocket. (this chain guard can be discarded or re-installed. We threw ours away.)
  2. Insert the chain slack gauge from the back side of the swing arm chain slider.
  3. Rock the rear tire back and forth, very slightly to make sure the chain slack settles out near the gauge.
  4. If the gauge shows green at the top, the chain slack is in range.
  5. If the gauge shows red at the top, the chain slack is too tight.
  6. Adjust if needed using the motorcycle’s maintenance manual.
  7. Go get dirty!

Tension is tight, but in range. (Image Above)

Tension is too loose. (Image above)

Tension is too tight.

Tension is loose, but in range.

Chain Guard to be removed.

The 1st video shows how to use the SLAKR series tool.
The 2nd video talks about 2023 & 2024 KTM/Husky models and how to check them with the SLAKR65.

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