Yamaha/Sherco Countershaft Sprocket Guard Installations

Required Tools: 5mm Allen socket and ratchet (or Allen wrench), inch pounds torque wrench

Caution! Torque is 60 inch pounds. Over torque can crack the part.

  1. Remove factory countershaft sprocket guard and retain the factory bushings (Yamaha only); retain the aluminum spacers (Sherco only).
  2. Since you are right there, do some cleaning. It may be a great time to inspect your sprocket for wear and clean/lube your chain.
  3. Install the new 3D Concepts Sprocket Guard cover with the provided hardware and the factory bushings.
  4. Torque both bolts to 30 inch pounds. Then torque both to 60 inch pounds.
  5. Go get dirty!

Sherco Torque Clutch Adjustment Access


Sherco Oil Filter Access


Stock WR Guard


YZ Sprocket Guard

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