Go Pro 5 & 10 Installation Instructions

Required Tools: #18 drill bit or equivalent, drill, masking tape (optional), 7mm wrench or rachet and socket.

Warning! Sharp tools are used in this installation. Take proper precautions to prevent injury!

  1. Place Camera mount under the visor of your helmet. Determine if you need the supplied foam isolator by confirming there is visible gap between the mount and visor. If you see gap, install the foam on the mount. Note, if you are installing the hero 10 mount, the foam will be installed.
  2. Cover the area you want to put the mount in masking tape (optional). This is to minimize scratching the visor.
  3. Install the nylon lock nuts into the mount with the nylon facing down.
  4. Place mount in position and insert bolts with washers through the top of the visor and into the mount.
  5. Hand tighten the hardware until the mount is snug in place. You may have to compress the foam to get the hardware to thread.
  6. Put your camera in the mount. Inserting and removal is done by pressing the camera into position from the back of the mount.
  7. Go get dirty!
Go Pro 5 & 10

Mount Kit

Fig 1

Drilled visor

One bolt installed

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