Honda XR100 Key Switch Relocation Mount Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Ratchet with 10mm deep well socket, Die Grinder (optional).

Warning! Sharp tools are used in this installation. Take proper precautions to prevent injury!

  1. Remove the factory switch from its mount in front of the cylinder.
  2. Remove the number plate with the 10mm socket.
  3. Remove the two small bolts on the bottom of the upper triple clamp.
  4. Install key switch onto bracket.
  5. Install bracket onto triple clamp with the two new bolts and washers.
  6. Install number plate using factory hardware and provided nut (inside new key mount).
  7. (optional) Use a die grinder to cut off the old mount and paint the exposed metal to prevent corrosion.
  8. Go get dirty!

FIG. 1

FIG. 2

FIG. 3

FIG. 4

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