KTM Offroad Gauge Relocator Installation Instructions


Required Tools: Side cutters, 8mm, 17mm socket, T-20 Torx and ratchet, flat head screwdriver (optional)

Warning! Sharp tools are used in this installation. Electrical wiring is disconnected in this installation. Take proper precautions to prevent injury!

  1. Put a piece of tape over the electrical power switch and write “DO NOT TURN ON”.
  2. Remove the plastic number plate by pulling the rubber straps from around the forks. Remove the brake and clutch cables from the slot in the number plate. Lay the number plate on the front fender. (Fig. 1)
  3. Locate the gauge and headlight switch wiring and mark both sides of each plug with masking tape so each plug can be put back to its mate. It is normal to see unused connectors behind the number plate, so labeling your wires is important. Unplug the gauge cluster and the headlight switch. (Fig. 2)
  4. Unsnap the cable/wiring retainers from both sides of the stock gauge mount and move wire/cables out of the way. (Fig. 3)
  5. Remove the factory gauge mount by removing the two bolts with an 8mm socket. (Fig. 4)
  6. Remove the gauge with T-20 torx bit. Retain the hardware (bolts & bushings) for installation! (Fig. 4)
  7. Remove the light switch knob by spinning it off with your fingers. Now remove the switch from the mount with the 17mm socket. Retain the hardware for installation! (Fig. 5)
  8. Install the gauge and the light switch in the new 3D Concepts mount with the factory hardware by reversing the steps above. (Fig. 6 & 7)
  9. Install light switch knob.
  10. Install the 3D Concepts mount on the motorcycle with the factory hardware. (Fig. 8)
  11. Re-install the gauge and light switch wiring referencing your marked tape.
  12. Remove your “DO NOT TURN ON” tape from the power switch and apply power to test your gauge and lights.
  13. Install the provided zip ties in the slots on the 3D Concepts mount and secure the wires and cables that were removed from the factory mount clips. Tighten the zip ties and trim with nail clippers or flush cuts. (Fig. 9 & 10)
  14. Install number plate by inserting the lower studs into the circular holes on the fender and fasten the rubber straps around the forks. Don’t forget to put your clutch and brake cables back in the slot on the number plate. (Fig. 11) IF YOU PURCHASED NUMBER PLATE EXTENSIONS refer to the separate installation instructions.
  15. Go get dirty!

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FIG. 2

FIG. 3

FIG. 4

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