Rotopax/Tark II Clamshell Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Side Cutter, File

Warning! Sharp tools are used in this installation. Take proper precautions to prevent injury!

  1. Remove ratcheting lock ring from fuel can using side cutters and file down the indexing tabs on your gas can.
  2. Using the keys, remove the lock cylinder from the clamshell.
  3. Open the clamshell and install over the gas cap in a way where the bottom lip of the clamshell is underneath the bottom of the gas cap.
  4. Close the clamshell and make sure it rotates freely.
  5. Insert the locking cylinder into the clamshell with the latch tab toward the gas cap.
  6. Go get dirty!

These red tabs may need to be filed down.

Clamshell closed and locked.

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