Sprocket Laser Alignment Tool Instructions

Required Tools: None other than what you need if rear sprocket is out of adjustment.

Caution: Failure to follow instructions may lead to prematuer chain wear. Warning: This prodcut contains a laser which can cause harm to your eyes. Take proper precautions to prevent laser light from shining into your eyes!

  1. Place Motorcycle on maintenance stand with rear wheel off the ground.
  2. Insert batteries into the back of the brass tube in the SLAT.
  3. Clip the SLAT to the rear sprocket so that it makes contact with at least two “spokes” of the rear sprocket.
  4. Rotate wheel forward so the laser shines at the chain close to the SLAT.
  5. Rock the SLAT left or right so laser shines on chain rollers.
  6. Roll rear tire backward and place the laser as close to the front sprocket as possible.
  7. Make adjustments to the rear wheel alignment as needed to center the laser on the chain rollers at the front sprocket.
  8. (optional) Using your maintenance manual, check your chain tension at this time.
  9. After tension, dounble check alignment and then remove SLAT.
  10. Secure your axle and pal nuts according to your maintenance manual.
  11. Remove your motorcycle from the maintenance stand.
  12. Go get dirty!

Battery Compartment Screw Cap

Two Points Of Contact

Lateral Adjustment of SLAT

Final Alignment with Front Sprocket

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