Voyager Mount Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Needle Nose Pliers 10mm socket and ratchet and 10mm wrench

  1. Remove any previously installed handlebar pad from the center of the handlebar.
  2. Place the lower clamp under the handlebar and the upper mount over the bar.
  3. Install the long bolts from the top of the mount and tighten until the mount can’t be moved on the handlebar. Ensure the clamp and the mount have an even gap between them on the front and the back of the bar.
  4. Place your Voyager into the mount and tighten the two bolts on the back of the mount. Use caution! Overtightening can damage your Voyager.
  5. The wiring will be routed through the mount as shown.
  6. Get dirty!

Wire Routing


Computer Installed

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