Yamaha WR 48mm Mud Wiper Installation Instructions

Required Tools: Needle Nose Pliers (or screwdriver, or 90 degree pick), 8mm socket and ratchet (optional)

Warning! Sharp tools are used in this installation. Take proper precautions to prevent injury!

  1. Using a pair of needle nose pliers, screwdriver, or 90 degree pick, remove steel retaining ring from the plastic fork tube protector. Then remove the plastic protector. If your motorcycle has aftermarket mud wipers, remove the mud wipers by removing the cotter pin and pull the wiper off the fork by hand. (If necessary, remove the long plastic fork protector by removing the three bolts with a 8mm socket.)
  2. Clean the surface of the upper and lower fork in the areas the wiper will contact or cover. It is best to clean the chrome surfaces with light weight oil. Brake clean or alcohol can make the surface too dry and ruin your forks internal seals.
  3. Wrap the new mud wiper around the fork with the tapered side down and place the alignment groove on the upper fork tube. Install the cotter pin using the needle nose pliers. You may have to squeeze the wiper with your hands to line up the holes for the cotter pin.
  4. Bend the open ends of the cotter pin to each side of the mud wiper and rotate the wiper so the logo points outboard on the fork.
  5. Go get dirty!

Cleaning instructions: Your mud wipers include a washout hole feature. This is generally not enough to properly clean the fork. When you clean your fork, please remove the mud wiper and use the spare cotter pins provided to re-install.


Removed factory wiper

Cotter pin installed

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