Off-Road Dirt Bike Gear

Off-Road Dirt Bike Gear: Under Visor GoPro Mount for Motorcycle Helmet. Universal Fit for Helmets of all sizes.

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3D Concepts is your complete off-road dirt bike gear provider.

Off-Road Dirt Bike Gear

When it comes to selecting off-road dirt bike gear, the best selections for all riders and experience levels, should include a high-quality helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, and body armor for protection.

When it comes to buying the best off-road dirt bike gear, always select options that are specifically designed for off-road dirt bike riding, along with styles that fit well, and also offer protection, to support a great overall riding experience and performance.

From helmets, goggles, and gloves, to license plate mounts, handlebar storage and GPS mounts, the right off-road dirt bike gear make all the difference between a just “ok” riding experience, to an above average, or even exceptional dirt bike riding, or motocross experience.

As the make, model, and year of each dirt bike vary in many different ways, determining the best off-road dirt bike and motocross gear for the exact model, is important. In addition, getting the right gear set up for your bike is a key to not only creating the best performance long-term, but also for overall riding experience.

For example, a solid GPS mount protects against flying rocks, snapping tree branches, and potential damage from crashes, or other mishaps. Protecting your gear is important not only to protect your investment, but to also keep your gear working properly over time. Getting stuck without the right gear can interfere with the experience on the trails or tracks, and can also compromise safety.

In the end, getting set up with the right off-road dirt bike gear comes down to prepping your motorcycle with the right tools and gear needed for not only great performance, but to also support an amazing experience when you hit the tracks, trails, or both, and over the long-run.

As you become more experienced at riding, you will also become more and more informed and prepared to determine exactly what you need to take your ride to the next level. Until then, you can rely on the “must-have” lists put together by experienced riders and manufacturers of top-tier parts and off-road dirt bike gear in the motorcycle world, along with the personal reviews of off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. When it’s time to equip your bike with the needed accessories, or upgrade your bike to include the latest technology, each improvement will open up a whole new level of possibilities.

Whether you decide to upgrade for performance, or you are more focused on bike maintenance, weight reduction, functionality, or long-term sustainability of the overall ride quality, the best options for off-road motocross gear and accessories will get you set up to take your next off-road excursion to the next level, protect your investments, and improve your overall ride for the long-term.

Benefits of 3D-Printed Off-Road Dirt Bike Gear

Thanks to 3D printing’s additive manufacturing processes, small motorcycle businesses can can leverage the technology to produce 3D-printed motorcycle accessories. faster and with significantly reduced costs. These cost reductions pass on savings to the consumers shopping for 3D-printed motorcycle accessories. Overall, 3D manufacturing technology offers a more agile model to produce very high quality products, more cost-effectively. 3D printing can also achieve improved design and unique aesthetic for a more detailed customization of 3D-printed motorcycle accessories. Other industries, including the automotive and RV industries have also been taking advantage of 3D printing for several years. Additionally, the medical industry is applying additive technology to produce medical devices, which typically require many custom features to fit each patient. Overall, the benefits of 3D printing provides businesses with the ability to launch new products more frequently, and with less out of pocket expense. 3D printing offers the creation of more complex, unique 3D-printed motorcycle accessories to meet market demand.

  • Risk Reduction – 3D printing reduces the risk of errors by allowing a design to be tested and confirmed prior to final production.
  • Cost Reduction – Advancements in 3D printing technology results in decreased costs of equipment and materials used in production, providing businesses options to produce customized products. Due to cost reduction, it is now more feasible to apply 3D printing in general manufacturing use.
  • Reduced Production Time – A distinguishing benefit of 3D printing is the ability to produce prototypes from scratch in a short amount of time. Reduced production time allows testing of custom parts, to make modifications prior to production runs, cutting down the time to market significantly.
  • Strong & Durable Products – 3D printing offers a manufacturing method of fabricating stronger, more durable products based upon the materials used in the process. The strength and durability of a 3D-printed accessory or part, depends on the material used in the process.
  • Opportunities to Advance – Businesses that apply 3D printing manufacturing methods potentially take concept to end-use product in a short amount of time with more opportunities for trail-and-error and experimentation and testing due to faster production times.
  • Ease of Replication – 3D printing has is a preferred method of production in the manufacturing industry due to the application and replicating of products easier and faster.
  •  Waste Reduction – 3D printing vs. traditional manufacturing results in potential reduction of waste. Traditional manufacturing produces more waste due to less precision and efficiency in production.
  • Reduced Storage Space Requirements – Traditional industries require the storing of products and parts to either use or sell.

The Motorcycle 3D-Printed Motorcycle Accessories Printing Process Explained

  1. Step One: The first step of the 3D-Printed Motorcycle Accessories process includes creating a 3D model of the specific part being created.
  2. Step Two: The second step involves a slicing process which converts the 3D-printed model into machine sequences.
  3. Step Three: The third step involves selecting the specific materials to be used in making the 3D-printed motorcycle accessory, keeping in mind that 3D printing produces prototypes using relatively inexpensive materials. Consequently, the initial prototypes can be created much more cost effectively, and create a good fit to your motorcycle. 
Then, if the 3D-printed motorcycle accessories do not fit the bike, you make adjustments to your 3D model. In many cases, you can use different materials for different motorcycle parts. Additionally, 3D-printed motorcycle accessories also supports surface finishing. Machinists can trim the parts to remove any stray structures attached during printing. Other techniques can also be used to smooth out the part surface. As a result, the surface is suitable for paint application and retention. 
  4. Step Four: The 3D printed motorcycle is now ready for coupling.
  5. Step Five: During the final stage, the 3D-printed motorcycle accessory is ready for testing.

Developing a 3D-printed Motorcycle Accessory

A critical application behind the adoption of 3D-printing for motorcycle accessories (also referred to as additive manufacturing), creates a unique, custom motorcycle accessory, like shift levers and linkages. It also allows motorcycle part manufacturers to use a greater variety of possibilities to expand upon their design creativity. Also, reduction of cycle times and manufacturing costs with 3D-printed motorcycle gear is possible. Several companies now use different types of 3D printing techniques in making 3D-printed motorcycle accessories from scratch. Moreover, 3D printing is the way to go, enabling the high customization levels that come with 3D-printed motorcycle accessory development.


Since 2022, 3D Concepts Moto has been printing motorcycle parts. The father and son team, including Stuart, Paul, and Andrew Connell, got their start in the 3D printing industry when Stuart bought his first printer. Because of his “do-it-myself” personality, he naturally started printing anything he could think of, including parts for their own motorcycles. After showing the cool stuff made for their own dirt bikes and getting a lot of interest from friends, family, and the local Treasure Valley community, 3D Concepts Moto began.

The father and son team is composed of a retired construction and mining equipment engineer who used to race motocross, a car, truck, and motorcycle enthusiast, and a certified aircraft mechanic who loves to ride in the mountains. Together, we’ve been printing motorcycle parts for the past four years before starting 3D Concepts as a company.

Our motorcycle addiction goes back to the 1970s and 80s when father, Stuart, raced motocross in the Southwest part of the United States. Andrew and Paul’s first bikes were a Yamaha YZ-80 and a KTM 125SX. Andrew took to the dirt like a fish to water, while Paul’s interest peaked when he moved to Idaho in 2012, because of the amazing mountain single track.’’ The core values guiding 3D Concepts Moto’s vision stems from the application of custom parts on their own motorcycles. “We started making motorcycle parts for ourselves, because we wanted something better. Now we want to provide something better for our customers as well.”

The motivation behind 3D Concepts Moto’s vision is simple. We love to ride, and we love to build things! It’s our goal is to offer cost-effective, protection for critical off-road motorcycle parts for our customers. It’s these primary values that kick-started our business and is the fuel that motivates our success.

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