The “Saw Boss” Customizable Chainsaw Mount

The “Saw Boss” Customizable Chainsaw Mount


Public land is a commodity that is appreciated by many different groups of people. Hikers, fishermen, hunters, and motorists all benefit from trail systems that are maintained by the U.S Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other government entities. However, often the government organization responsible for a section of land is understaffed. This leaves one or two employees to maintain thousands of square miles of trail systems.

Individuals and clubs volunteer countless hours across the country to maintain access to public lands. This activity is encouraged by the government and is usually a part of being in any club use of public lands. This activity is often the only reason trail systems remain open to the public. This product is for the tough, brave adventurist with a heart for keeping our public lands open.

Lights, Fuel, Oil, and Tool Holder are not available for UTV.

This item is made to order! Expect longer fulfilment times.

See below for full description of options!


Get ready, there is a lot to unpack here!

This is the 3D Concepts Moto Customizable Chainsaw Mount. You have the ability to choose the options that work best for you, and we will build it! You have so many choices with this mount, but that’s just the beginning. This mount is 3D printed from lightweight, engineering grade plastic. It mounts with completely rubber clamps, so it won’t mar your fork tubes like other mounts. The tools needed are a 13mm wrench, 13mm socket, and a ratchet. Your saw is secured, firmly with Two friction straps and not bungee cords. Your saw couldn’t ask for a better mount with our thick rubber cushions. Your bar and scabbard are secure with a brace and strap to give you confidence.

You can run with the basic triangular side plates, or you can go big with our optional side plates. You have the ability to carry 450ml of bar oil right on the mount with the provided container. You can carry up to 1280ml of premixed fuel with the two provided containers. You can choose to upgrade those bottles (bar oil and premix gas) to the smaller MSR bottles.

If you have an electric saw, we have you covered with two options! Battery caddies (you have to e mail us before you order and tell us what batteries you have. Right now, we offer caddies for 18V Makita batteries.) or a sweet bag made by our friends at DMADA Creative. The DMADA bag has molle webbing on the back and can be removed and put on any molle system (this option fits almost any batteries). Both battery options allow you to carry 2 spare batteries.

You have an option for a saw tool mount on either the battery or fuel side plates. This tool mount will fit any of the tool styles pictured up to a length of 6.5″ as pictured.

Wait, we haven’t even started the light options yet! You can choose to have no lights of course, but that’s just boring. We have a light bar available for bikes with KTM style headlight connectors. The bar light works on your 12v headlight circuit and outputs 65W of 6500k pure white light out of 6 spot and 10 flood LEDs. We have abused this light with high frequency vibration on rock drills, and it holds up great! We also have the option for “Oxbow” style lights. We are offering an off-brand version to reduce cost, those are 9V and 2,000Lm each. If you already have those amazing Oxbow lights already (we love ours!), you can buy just the mounts and our 9V, 36W converter to run two lights. These lights are plugged into a 12V to 9V converter that plugs into a KTM headlight connector. The off-brand lights also come with batteries, so if you decide to not wire anything in, you have the option to strap the batteries to the mount as shown (straps come with the 13,800 mAh batteries). The Single LED and Dual LED battery options are great if you do not have a stator that can handle lights.

The 3D Concepts Motorcycle Chainsaw Mount has several features that make it ideal for hard, long distance, backcountry travel on any motorcycle with almost any saw.

  • Made in the USA by small businesses!
  • Ability to carry Two, 591 or 640ml bottles of pre-mixed 2 stroke fuel (fuel for chainsaw even if your vehicle does not use pre-mixed gasoline).
  • Optional no bottle side plates.
  • The ability to carry One 325ml or 450ml bottle of bar oil for the saw.
  • The ability to carry spare batteries for electric saws. 2 options available (clip in or bag).
  • Soft rubber clamp attachments for front fork tubes of the motorcycle.
  • Dual friction strap attachments for securing the chainsaw.
  • Adjustable provisions for lights.
  • Provision for bar/sparkplug tool to be mounted.
  • Scabbard strap/brace.
  • Optional mount for 1.5″ and 2″ roll cages (Side by side UTVs).
  • Rubber Pads for cushioning chainsaw.
  • As always, all stainless hardware and wiring needed are included.
  • Chainsaw does not have to be lifted above the user’s head to be installed in the mount. The saw can be inserted into the mount from the front.


  • Basic with standard sides, moto mount, and bar brace: 4.05Lbs
  • Bottle sides, moto mount, and bar brace: 4.93Lbs
  • Battery caddy w/bar oil sides, moto mount, bar brace: 5.39Lbs
  • Battery bag w/ bar oil sides, moto mount, bar brace:
  • Basic sides with UTV Mount: 3.89Lbs
  • Light Bar w/ wiring: 0.428Lbs
  • Single LED w/ wiring: 0.535Lbs
  • Dual LED w/ wiring: 0.584Lbs
  • Tool Holder weight: 0.062Lbs

*Manufactured with engineering grade plastic so it is lightweight, strong, and well balanced.

** Patent Pending

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Base Mount


Basic Sides, Battery Caddy, Battery Bag, Bottles MSR, Bottles BSR


UTV 2", UTV 1.5", Motorcycle


None, 12V Light Bar, 9V Single Light, 9V Dual Lights

Tool Holder

Yes, No


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